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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  August 19, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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an emotional journey in honor of those killed on september 11th, 2001. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. thousands of motorcycles sporting american flags are starting to arrive at the pentagon this afternoon, as we speak. as part of this ride to remember, tied to the tenth anniversary of the attack on america. >> the bikers are now in arlington, vir virtue. they started in shanksville, pennsylvania, stopping at the pentagon today, and will end their ride tomorrow at ground zero. the large convoy of bikers along with ambulances and their escorts is impacting traffic throughout the area. there were rolling roadblocks going on, which are affecting traffic. drivers are urged to avoid i-66 inside the beltway, and the roads near it. at times, the procession has been stretching 12 to 15 miles. anyone heading to reagan national airport is warned to allow a little extra time. this ride is organized by america's 9/11 foundation and money raised supports first
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responders across the country. the ride has taken place each year since the attack, but historically it has only been a few hundred motorcycles. this being the tenth anniversary, the number is much larger. news4's derrick ward is in arlington and will have a live update coming up on news4 at 5:00. will the weather hold for them? we're monitoring severe weather making its way toward our metro area right now, and it could disrupt your friday night plans. >> meteorologist doug kammerer is in our weather center with our first forecast. doug? >> not a whole lot in the way of storms going on right now. temperatures on the warm side, 87 degrees out there right now. humidity on the high side. the humidity at 51%, so our heat index at 90 degrees. the atmosphere is right for shower or thunderstorm development, but right now we're not seeing too many storms. current temperature, 87 degrees in the washington area. 86 in manassas, 86 in leesburg.
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gaithersburg at 84 degrees. hagerstown, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for berkeley as well as morgan county and washington county. that until 4:45. it does include areas just west of hagers town and another little storm. that little storm right around the belt -- or right around just to the west of the beltway, river road along the potomac river and another down into southern portions of anne arundel county. we'll continue to watch out for these storms. i do think we will see more storms as we go through the evening hours. i'll be back in a little while to let you know when i think those may pop up and what's in store for your weekend. >> all right. we'll see you then, doug. thank you. we now know more about what gary giordano told police in aruba after being questioned about the disappearance of robyn gardner. he said he and gardener drank vodka before going to the beach. he said when they went isn't that correct willing the waters got rough. he said he did not look back at gardener, because he was, quote, just trying to save his own
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life. giordano would not reveal his income, and said he was paying child support. r robyn gardner has not been seen since she went vacationing with giordano more than two weeks ago. prosecutors plan to launch an extensive search for her body next week. you can watch that -- we'll have more coming up on news4 at 5:00 tonight. well, it was another day of turmoil in the markets. president obama has repeatedly said we're in a recovery. not returning to a recession. but a new forecast prompted a fresh wave of worry on wall street when the closing bell rang today. the dow jones industrial average was down 172. the nasdaq was down 38. and the s&p was down 17. so why all the gloom and doom? the european debt crisis has had a lot to do with the u.s. stock slide, but analysts say there is also a feeling that congress cannot or will not help.
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>> reporter: wall street see sawed after jpmorgan chase sounded an alarm. >> massive expectations for second half growth. >> reporter: the new prediction is our growth through the end of 2011 will be just 1%, not 2.5. another worrisome sign, oil prices are relatively low. >> well, that's it. everyone is talking about the potential of a double dip. >> reporter: a double dip, a return to recession. there's worry one could start this fall. >> i think that would be a tremendous blow to business confidence, consumer confidence, neither of which is particularly strong right now. and then i think you're worried about a spiralling effect and getting a much sharper pull back. >> stock in hewlett-packard plunged 21%. bank of america will cut as many as 10,000 employees. workers like mark white.
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>> our team has shrunk from 17 people to about 9. >> mr. president! >> reporter: on vacation on martha's vineyard, president obama is preparing for federal government cutbacks, ordering agency heads to draft plans for 5% and 10% budget cuts. but denying that we're headed back into recession. still, stocks and bonds worldwide got hammered. >> markets are taking the opposite view to everything the politicians say. >> reporter: investors from korea to germany do not believe the u.s. congress and the white house can dodge a double dip. analysts say a lot rides on what will happen here on capitol hill in a few weeks. the new debt-reducing super committee, the new obama jobs plan. will they spark an outbreak of reassuring bipartisan cooperation or more election politics? i'm steve handlesman. news4, capitol hill. unemployment is on the rise across the region. last month, the jobless rate in
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d.c. climbed to 10. %. that's much higher than the national average of 9.1%. in maryland, even though 8,000 new jobs were created in july, unemployment still fell to 7.2%. and in virginia, the unemployment rate went up for the first time in a year. it's now at 6.1%. another person has died after that stage collapse at the indiana state fair over the weekend. a senior died from her injuries, bringing the death toll to six. also, the first wrongful death lawsuit was filed on behalf of 42-year-old tammy van damme and her family. she leaves behind a 17-year-old daughter. there were also several lawsuits in the works on behalf of those injured in the accident. i-295 in southeast washington has reopened following a motorcycle crash that sent a secret service agent to the hospital. it happened in the northbound lanes of i-295 this morning. the roadway was closed for hours
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while police investigated. the officer was taken by helicopter to a local hospital with serious injuries. police say right now it appears no other vehicles were involved in that crash. a tire problem appears to have been the blame for a plane skidding off the runway this morning at montgomery county air park. this happened around 9:30. the fire marshal went out to investigate. he determined there were no reasons to be concerned. no one was injured. members of the chinese basketball team that got into that big brawl on the court with the players from georgetown university tried to patch things up today. the fight broke out yesterday during an exhibition game in beijing. and sparked international attention. several players were on tape throwing punches. some even threw chairs. today chinese team members met with georgetown's coach and some of its players. the two teams exchanged souvenirs and then headed off to shanghai. the two teams play each other
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again on sunday. leave the chairs out of the arena. metro passengers who use the red line should expect major delays this weekend. five metro stations, including tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheatton and glen mont will shut down tonight. the closures will allow crews to install a new track. they will also inspect the elevators and escalators. buses will run to relieve some of the backup. the stations will close tonight at 10:00. and a traffic alert. you need to avoin the chain bridge over the weekend. it will close tonight at 8:00 so crews can make structural repairs to the underside. it wills also be closed to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. it will reopen by 5:00 monday morning. work is scheduled until mid december, but the bridge will be open next weekend for the martin luther king jr. memorial dedication. ready for more football? some fresh faces will take to
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the field for the redskins tonight. it's all about beck. they're in indianapolis to play the colts in the second preseason game of the season. >> dan hellie is joining us live now with a preview of the big game. hey, dan. >> hey, pat, hey, jim, here from indianapol indianapolis, preseason game number two. and all the talk has been about john beck getting his first start for the redskins. there's going to be a huge evaluation process for him. of course, there's this quarterback battle going on between rex and john beck. but we cannot forget about what these preseason games are really for. and that's to primarily evaluate the back-ups, the guys who aren't going to see time during the regular season, the guys who are on the fringe of actual low making this roster. and head coach mike shannahan says this year these games are even more important, because they haven't had the time to evaluate these guys during the offseason workouts. here's coach. >> i think it's tough on everybody. i think that that was the big question. you know, going into the lockout
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situation. you know, you're going to miss all these ota days of evaluations. so i think everybody is under the gun to make their decisions quicker. or obviously going to have to make the decisions quicker. i think the big question mark a lot of people had, were they going to increase the squad size. you know, instead of 53, are they going to go up two or three. and obviously, that stayed the same. so a lot of decisions going to have to be made in the next few weeks. >> that's mike shannahan. and you will be seeing a lot of back ups tonight. it is possible that the three leading returning receivers for the colts don't play. of course, peyton manning is not going to be playing. and i was just talking with jim haslett a few minutes ago on the field and he's going to be missing several starters on defense, as well, including three out of four in his defensive secondary. we're going to have more from here in indianapolis. beautiful lucas oil stadium. this place is where they're going to be holding the super bowl this year. guys? >> looks pretty perfect behind you there. dan, thanks so much. see you next hour.
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and you can watch that game, again, live to be able to, right here on nbc 4. and because of the game, "nbc nightly news" will air at 6:30 this evening, followed by the redskins-colts game at 7:00. after the game, keep it here for the post game, live, followed by news4 at 11:00 tonight. when news4 at 4:00 continues, a possible break in the investigation of a mother's disappearance two years ago. >> i wanted to stop that border line sexual harassment that was going on. also ahead, christine o'donnell strikes back. why she says she really ended an interview with pierce morgan. >> and wedding bells for kim kardashian, one of the priciest weddings in recent history.
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topping hollywood headlines today, the nuptials of a reality superstar. >> that's right. kim kardashian will be marrying new jersey nets' kris humphries. that's tomorrow. this lavish event will reportedly take place in
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montecito, california. >> and this is a wax sculpture of the bride to be, believed to be one of her wedding dresses. designer vera wang is reportedly creating a $300,000 gown just for kim. the invitations custom-made, boxeses embellished with black crystals, and the wedding cake is reportedly a duplicate of prince william's and kate's. jesse james and kat von d are engaged again. they announced their reunion online yesterday afternoon. each tweeted photos of themselves wrapped in each other's arms. james later told "people" magazine that sometimes you're only given one chance in life. it was up to me, he said, to open my eyes and see it. the couple began dating a year ago after james split with sandra bullock. the new season of "the real housewives of beverly hills" will be pushed back at least a week, possibly longer after the apparent suicide of one of the
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cast members, according to "the hollywood reporter". russell armstrong was separated from taylor armstrong. bravo isn't saying what might happen with the show's second season. the couple's marital troubles were part of the drama of the show's first season. it's been two years now, and still no sign of a missing utah mother. >> but as miguel almaguer reports tonight, now there is some renewed hope following a big lead that's prompted a new search for susan powell. >> reporter: there may not be much to see under the dry, desert sun in ely, nevada, but this is where police are searching for susan powell. investigators say they have new credible leads in this small town. a desperate search for a missing mother gone since 2009. >> i mean, it has been hard. you know? it's a hard two years.
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it's been lonely. you know? i mean, you know, susan is my wife. >> reporter: josh powell reported his wife, susan, missing on a frigid december day. he said he last saw her in their salt lake city home at 12:30 a.m. that's when he told investigators he took his two sons camping during the middle of a snowstorm. police say he was the last person to see susan alive. soon after, josh was named a person of interest. he was never charged in the case. >> luckily, the police have a credible lead. i can't say that -- i can't say that doesn't cross my mind, that this will be vindication, as well. >> reporter: josh and his father have said all along, susan may have deserted her family for another utah man who also went missing in 2009. not possible, say susan's parents, who believe the devoted
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mother would have never aband abandoned her two young boys. >> we have hope. we hope that there's a miracle and she's out there. but realistically, we know she is probably not coming back. >> reporter: today police say they'll conduct a thorough search, 235 miles away from susan's home, an investigation focused in the middle of the desert. >> that was miguel almaguer reporting. powell's disappearance has strained the relationship between her husband and her family. joshua powell ordered a restraining order against her father following an argument about her disappearance that took place in front of their children. we have some breaking news now happening at the nasa's airport. a plane has reportedly spun off the runway. there you can see it off the runway on to the grass. the plane reportedly had some landing gear problems. there's been one minor injury that we know about so far. we have no more information. but, again, a plane that has
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spun off the runway at manassas airport because of some landing gear issues. one minor injury. we'll bring you more information if we get it. coming up on news4 at 4:00, new words have been officially been added to part of the english language. and they're inspired by our technology-driven society. plus, sneaky strategies. what retailers are doing now to mask higher prices on back-to-school items. and a chance to just be a kid. still to come, we'll take you to a camp helping kids that are fighting for their lives. and for all your news, be sure to follow news4 online. just search nbc washington on
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baseball-sized hail pummeled parts of omaha, nebraska yesterday afternoon. several planes were damaged. the heavy rain, massive hail and winds pushing 65 miles per hour brought down trees, damaged buildings and cars and left several streets flooded. you know, doug was out throwing big baseballs yesterday. >> yes, yes. >> hitting home runs, too, in stormy weather. >> wow! >> but not striking out. >> some serious -- >> not striking out, yes.
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and it takes about baseball-size hail to break through a car windshield. it takes golf ball-size to dent a car. and we did have some golf ball-size in parts of montgomery county. i don't think we're going to see that again today. but we could see some hail, could see some strong storms moving in. but they're taking their time developing. i'll show you why in a second. first off, take a look outside right now, current temperatures in the 80s. you could see some cloud cover, and we did see some cloud cover a little bit earlier today, and that has actually helped to keep the thunderstorms at bay. but i do think they will start to move in across the area. 87 degrees is the current temperature out there, under partly cloudy skies. we do have a heat index today. it's a little bit more humid with a current heat index right now of 90 degrees. around the region, we're at 84 yez in leesburg. a rain-cooled 73 in hagerstown, 84 in laplata and cambridge around 79 degrees. where are the storms? they're to the east, they're to the west. out toward the east along the chesapeake bay, this is one boundary here moving toward the
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west. so we're going to see storms firing up into calvert county, where there are already some toward the south of calvert county, st. mary's county. one lone shower in montgomery county along glen hill road starting to dissipate. but then here's the bigger stuff, back towards the west. that's what we're going to be watching. this is a severe thunderstorm warning in effect for washington county until 4:45, a lot of lightning. look at all of the lightning just north and west of hagerstown. that storm is it moving to the south and east. but moving south and east very slowly. i told you about that one storm in montgomery county. now just a slight sprinkle right over 270. that is really going to be about it. but look at the wider picture. one boundary to our south moving west. another boundary to our north dropping down. this is the one that i think is going to kick off those showers and storms. but once again, it is going to be later this evening. maybe 6:00, 7:00 as our frontal boundary moves on through the area. by tomorrow, nice and warm. plenty of sunshine tomorrow.
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and i'm not expecting any rain tomorrow. so that's good news. sunday, however, we are going to see a good chance of rain as another frontal boundary drops down across the region. your forecast this evening, partly cloudy, scattered storms, some on the strong side, especially later this evening. tomorrow morning, temperatures 64 to about 71 degrees and looking good to start off our saturday. saturday i think is going to be a pretty good day. and probably the better of the two days with highs in the upper 80s to 91 degrees. chance of rain coming up on sunday. it will be late on sunday. that's good news. and look at that. beautiful weather. >> ooh. >> to start next week. >> we love it. >> beautiful. >> thank you. the first day of school is just around the corner, and if you haven't already noticed, it's going to cost you more for new clothes this year. retailers are raising prices on merchandise, an average of 10% across the board this fall. stores are trying to offset their rising costs for materials and labor. but experts say stores are trying to trick shoppers.
4:26 pm
they are using cheaper materials, and making inexpensive tweaks, some say, like additional stitching or fancy tags to justify those higher prices. coming up on news4 at 4:00, it's an extremely rare killer that is has struck three times. details about the water borne infection that led to the death of a young boy in virginia. and the war of words between christine o'donnell and piers morgan after
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and welcome back at 4:30, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here's what's happening at this hour. thousands of bikers are making their way to the pentagon in a ride to remember. the september 11th attack. bikers started yesterday in shanksvil shanksville, pennsylvania and will end their journey tomorrow at ground zero. the miles-long convoy is impacting traffic as rolling road blocks are put into place along the route. nbc news has obtained a witness statement now from gary giordano about the day robyn gardner disappeared. giordano told police the two drank vodka before going snorkeling. he says he did not look for gardener when the water got rough, because he was trying to, quote, save his own life.
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washington tries to make it two in a row tonight as they take on the indianapolis colts in preseason game number two. everybody will be watching quarterback john beck as he gets his first start. he's in a battle with rex grossman for the starting qb job. you can watch the game tonight at 7:00 right here on nbc 4. another day of turmoil in the markets this friday. the closing bell ended a fourth straight week of losses for stocks, and the biggest four-week drop since march of 2009. today's plunge was sparked partly by a report that suggests the nation is teetering on the edge of another recession. analysts say investors feel congress cannot or will not help. a microscopic bug that thrives in the stagnant, fresh water is now blamed on at least three deaths. >> one of the victims is a 9-year-old virginia boy. nbc's tom costello is here now with more. tom, is this a growing threat? >> no. and these are very, very rare
4:31 pm
instances in which somebody dies because of it. but the bug is an apeople amoeba found in the bottom of lakes and ponds. it's a medical mystery why kids seem to contract and die from encephalitis. it's happened three times this summer. a water-borne parasite that can turn deadly, feeding on brain tissue and killing its victims. in virginia, health investigators say nine 9 christian strickland died after being infested from the lake. >> even though they told me he was brain dead, i thought he was going to wake up. >> reporter: a man in his 20s died after flushing his sinuses after using infected home tap water, but not the public water supply. and in florida, 16-year-old courtney nash died two weeks after swimming in the st. john's river outside orlando. >> i prayed and prayed.
4:32 pm
i was hoping that i would get a miracle. >> reporter: four years ago, three other boys in central florida died of amoebaic encephalitis. they're found in mostly warm stillwater in the summer months. when they strike, they commonly enter the body through the nose. they then travel to the skull and begin destroying brain tissue. the symptoms seem minor, headaches, stiff neck, fever, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. >> of course, those are symptoms of many diseases. so unless the physician thinks about this diagnosis, it's often not made. >> reporter: and almost always fatal. amoebas are common in warm lakes, especially in the south. but it's not clear why the amoebas are only occasionally deadly. dr. roy huelick is chief of infectious diseases at cornell medical center. >> this is a very rare infection. probably millions of people are exposed to these amoebas by being in fresh water.
4:33 pm
but very few cases occur per year. something like between two and eight may occur in an annual basis. >> in fact, the cdc says since the early 1960s, there have only been about 120 cases of people contracting and dying from this disease. we should also note that you cannot get this by injesting or swallowing the water. you only get it, the very few people who do, by having it come up through the nose. and so one recommendation has been if your kids are going to be out swimming in a lake or a pond, maybe you might consider nose plugs. but as the doctor recommended and suggested, you have millions of people swimming in lakes and ponds across the country right now. we've had three cases this year. this is so rare statistically. >> and all of the people you showed happen to be young. >> it almost always strikes kids and most of them are boys for some reason. >> all right. >> interesting story. and frightening, too. tom costello, thank you so much. >> thank you, tom.
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former delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell is explaining why she walked off the set during an interview with cnn's piers morgan. o'donnell was invited to appear on the show wednesday to promote her new book. about 20 minutes into the taped interview, morgan asked if she supported same-sex marriage. o'donnell then accused him of, quote, being a little bit rude. and she called his line of questions embarrassing. on the "today" show this morning, o'donnell said the clip played on the show -- that was played, didn't tell the whole story. >> because it was not about the questions of gay marriages as the producers very dishonestly tried to portray it. it was, like i said, the very inappropriate, creepy line of questioning leading up to that. >> piers morgan defended his questions, saying they were about political issues and topics in her book. gold diggers should head to california or northern virginia. that is people who are looking
4:35 pm
for rich single mates. cnn money put out a list of the top 25 cities to find such folks. manhattan beach, california tops it, but tyson's corner is number two. arlington, number seven. herndon 20th and alexandria 23rd. the entire top ten consists of cities in california, virginia and new jersey. no city in maryland makes the top 25. i don't know what that says about that part of our region. >> not quite sure. there's more to come on news4 at 4:00. the new app that uses your own taste buds to tell you which restaurants you ought to try. plus, a driver tries to stop [ male announcer ] you loveop the taste of 2% milk.
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hey, are you stuck in a rut, or are you always looking for a new eatery to try out? well, have no fear. now there is an app for that. and republicwendy rieger introd to alfred, a virtual butler and our app of the day. wendy. >> hey there, it's kind of a pandora for restaurants and night life. what you do is go to alfred, a free app you download and you teach it -- first off, you tell it what you like. we put in some saved places in here. it asks you a series of questions and you answer them and it gets an idea what you're looking for. and then it gives you some ideas of places in your area. you also give them either your
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gps location or you just type in your location. and it gives you a whole bunch of stuff. busboys and poets, raku, open city, you know, the gibson. and you can go through dinner -- let's look at guapo, one of our favorite places, you can look at the menu, photos, read reviews. it's really interesting. and then once it knows what you like, you can just touch on anything that you would like there. you can just go to dinner or whatever. and it will, you know -- it will give all sorts of places. alfred is being a little slow because it's friday. it's really cool. again, sometimes we just don't know what we want to do. you've got friends. it's like you want to go somewhere or you're meeting someone and they're in another part of town and you want to know what kind of restaurants are there. if you can already program alfred, then it can just come up with stuff all of the time. and like pandora, it can say, hey, if you like this, then maybe you would like to try this. and it's good for this, drinks,
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everything else. it's really, really cool. so that is the app of the day. if you have favorite new app, e-mail me at -- or not e-mail me, what is it, twitter at -- >> tweet you. . tweet me at nbcwendy, hash tag appoftheday. and search app of the day. >> we're suddenly craving guacamole. >> yes, we are. come on, alfred, where should i go tonight? >> everybody needs an alfred. when news4 at 4:00 continues, the local dad caught between the laws of two states. coming up, his battle to raise his own daughter. and a summer getaway for kids fighting for their lives. coming up, aaron gilchrist takes us inside camp fantastic. and tune into nbc washington nonstop at 9:00 tonight. catch nonstop foodies d.c. it's more than kabobs. the food truck where everything, even desert, is served on a stick.
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>> that looks good. and at 9:30, watch nonstop scene d.c., we'll take you to a place where the pizza is so good, it inspired somebody to put a wood-fired oven in his backyard. w[ male announcer ] want toyard. achieve more with your money? pnc virtual wallet gathers your spending and saving in one place. credit and debit purchases, checks, bills, and other financial information. it lets you see the details as well as the big financial picture. so you can do more with your money.
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for the past 20 years, your support of nbc 4's camp for kids has helped send hundreds of area
4:44 pm
boys and girls to places like camp fantastic. >> not only does it provide 24-hour medical care for children who are suffering from cancer, as aaron gilchrist shows us, it gives them a chance to forget about their very adult problems and just be kids. ♪ >> reporter: it's a different way to start a day at camp, but the 7 to 17-year-olds at camp fast as it particular are used to doing things differently. >> camps for kids with cancer are not sad places. it's a place where kids can feel good again. >> reporter: that's the goal. 102 kids on a sprawling 4-h campsite in warren county, virginia. it's a week of arts and crafts ranging building to duct tape to mixing it up with makeup and fancy clothes. >> this 11-year-old is a bone marrow transporty. it's his fifth year. >> it's great so you can get away from cancer and just forget about your cancer. >> reporter: when he's not
4:45 pm
learning bottle rocket science, he is working on his social skills. do you meet a lot of cool people here? >> yep, i have two girlfriends. >> reporter: two girlfriends? knowing what they have in common is important at this camp, talking about dealing with cancer with the only people who really understand, or ignoring it all together. >> i don't know. everybody just kind of accepts everybody else, no matter what. so that's cool. >> we try to give each camper here the opportunity to have the most fun week of his or her year. and some of them when they leave say it was the most fun week of their life. >> whew! >> reporter: 13-year-old darren rodriguez from manassas made his first trip to camp fantastic. >> i just feel love. all of us have gone through the same thing and i appreciate they show the same love that, you know, all the counselors do. >> reporter: giant food stores threw a huge party for the kids on their last day of camp. >> to be able to come out and see how happy these kids are, just to be kids, is -- is very
4:46 pm
rewarding for us. >> reporter: the reward for the campers takes the form of smiles, maybe a renewed outlook on life, and the celebration of new friendships. >> yeah, i'll still keep in touch. facebook and all that, yeah. i'm going to miss them. >> reporter: aaron gilchrist, news4, front royal, virginia. >> and you know, they can keep in cusp year-round. they look forward to this. >> looks like a lot of fun. and they've got great weather today. >> yeah, most of it. i mean, no wonder they call it camp fantastic. i would love to do a few of those things. right now, we are looking at the chance for storms making their way in over the next couple hours. but right now i think things are fairly calm across the area. if you have plans this evening, i would say you may want to take the umbrella just in case, and keep a watchful eye to the sky, but right now, nothing going on. 87 degrees the current temperature, winds out of the south-southwest at 5 miles per hour. there is a heat index today of 90 degrees, so a little wit warm and on the humid side. 73 in hagers toup where we're
4:47 pm
looking at a big storm there, so rain-cooled temperatures there. 84 in la plata. 84 in paw tuxent river. a lot of rain to our east along the delmarva and to our west back into west virginia and western maryland. i do think that area in western maryland will make its way down here later this afternoon and into the evening. there's hagerstown and you can see a lot of rain from hagerstown, clear spring, berkeley springs into west virginia. so heads up there, a lot of rain coming through more county, berly county and frederick county and jefferson county over the next couple hours. that is a line that is trying to work its way down to the south. it's going to have a hard time doing so until later this evening. that's when i do think we'll see those chances of storms on the increase. so forecast for this evening, watch out for those scattered storms, some could be on the strong side. 84 to 76 degrees. if you're thinking about heading down towards nationals park to see them take on the phillies tonight, it's always a tough one
4:48 pm
down there, this evening, 83 degrees. okay for the start, but i think we could see some storms late. so you may want to pack the ponchos just in cease. temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, 87 to 91 degrees. really a nice saturday. just a little bit on the humid side. rain chances return on sunday. but i think that's the only day. monday and news, really looking beautiful. >> all right. looking good. >> not bad at all. enjoy tomorrow, by the way. saturday is looking great. >> we'll do it. thank you, doug. from slang to the oxford english dictionary, coming up on news4, new additions to the american vernacular that have gotten approval from the authority on the english language. >> it's official. and who needs brakes when you've got two feet? [ martin luther king jr. ] i still have a dream
4:49 pm
that one day on the red hills of georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. i have a dream today! [ male announcer ] join us at the walter e. washington convention center on august 26th for a live roundtable discussion inspired by the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr.
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guy who lives near detroit really needed to get home. he knew the brakes on his truck weren't working, so he decided to drive flintstone style, using your feet for brakes. the drive took him on a heavily-traveled four-lane highway. not only did his feet not work for brakes, he entered busy intersections against the light and hit four vehicles along the way. the rolling mayhem did not come to an end until police came up to the guy and ordered him to put his truck in park. police say he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. he got a ticket for reckless
4:52 pm
driving. don't try at that . >> maybe he just didn't have a lot of experience driving, you think? the app that gives you a face-to-face chat on your computer is getting cheaper by the minute. the new skype allows you to connect with more than 1 million wi-fi hot spots around the world. and the best part is, you only pay for what you use. generally the service required customers to buy a day-long pass or a monthly subscription. this weekend, skype is offering free services so you can try it out. >> yeah, good time to test it. the oxford english dictionary has released its annual list of newly added words. >> you know, skype is already on there. among those making the cut, a word you have probably heard a lot of late. retweet for the social networking site twitter. users post or forward someone else's message. >> sexting, where someone sends a sexually explicit picture or message via cell phone. >> that's been in the news.
4:53 pm
and also cyber bullying, using e-mail or social networking sites to bully, threaten or intimidate someone. and here's another word, tech word. woot, a form of enthusiasm used in online communication or on message boards. woot. >> all right. coming up on news4 at 4:00, a northern virginia dad's fighting the battle of his life to raise a daughter who he has never met. and for all your news, follow
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
a young father from dumb frees, virginia is hoping the u.s. supreme court will settle a legal dispute that's keeping his daughter from him for two-and-a-half years. john wyatt has been battle to go raise a daughter he has never met. he says his girlfriend gave up his daughter for adoption without his consent. the daughter was adopt the in another state with laws that conflict with those here in virginia. kate snow has the story. >> reporter: at their home in suburban, virginia, john wyatt and his mom have a nursery for the girl they call emma. >> do you come here and look at these things? >> i don't like to come in here. it's hard. >> i come in here every day. >> reporter: john was 19 when his girlfriend colleen got
4:57 pm
pregnant. he wouldn't wait to be a dad but on february 10th, 2009, colleen went into labor. john and gerry tried to track her down at the hospital, but she was gone. john hired a lawyer in his home state of virginia, hoping to gain custody. >> reporter: so your lawyer tries to intervene right away. >> yeah. >> reporter: but here's the thing. john's baby wasn't in virginia anymore. it would take him weeks to figure out his baby was in utah. >> i don't care how they do things out there. this isn't like the wild, wild west. we have laws that you must abide by. >> reporter: but john would soon discover, every state has its own adoption laws. and even though courts in virginia found in his favor -- a judge granted you temporary custody of your daughter. >> yeah. >> reporter: in this case, utah law rules. >> you have to go through this whole series of steps here in utah. a layperson can never be charged with knowing how to maneuver their way through the different steps that you have to take. >> reporter: under utah law, john had a 20-day deadline to file for his parental rights.
4:58 pm
he says the deadline expired before he even knew his baby was in salt lake city. the adoptive parents and their attorney declined our requests for an entire have you, citing the possible impact of extended media coverage on the child. but in a statement, they said the birth mother made the difficult and courageous choice to place the child with the adoptive parents, because she believed that the child deserved a loving, stable, two-parent home. >> they have bonded with this baby. the baby only knows them as her parents. and they have a good, loving family unit. this is very hard on them. >> reporter: in july, utah's supreme court ruled against john wyatt, saying he failed to exercise his parental rights. >> now, you can watch the complete story on "dateline," which will air sunday afternoon at 1:30 here on nbc 4. and that does it for news4 at 4:00. irl see you again at 6:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now.
4:59 pm
you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news4 at 5:00. surveillance video rolls as girls raid the shelves, taking anything they can get their hands on. tonight, how authorities plan to fight the flash mob frenzy. gary giordano in his own words for the first time we are hearing from the prime suspect about the disappearance of a maryland woman in aruba. stocks are down, unemployment is up. and tonight all signs point to another recession by this fall. good evening, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger. thousands of motorcyclists have made their way to the pentagon as part of their ride to remember journey. this ride is organized by america's 9/11 foundation and it benefits the first responders across our country. bikers took the dulles access road to i-66 to route 110 to the pentagon. rolling roadblocks impacted traffic along the way. and derrick ward joins us now, live in arlington. hey, derrick. >> reporter: hey, how are you?


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